She Likes To Get Fruity

A Banana Treat For Her Shaved Pussy (2016)
HD Đang cập nhật

Thể loại:
Phim bộ, Uncensored,

Quốc gia:

Đạo diễn:

Diễn viên:
Victoria Summers

Thời lượng:

Năm phát hành:

Đăng bởi:
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She Likes To Get Fruity

Most girls have tried to get x-rated and fruity with something sweet before, and voluptuous Victoria Summers is no different than any other girl in that regard, as today she's filmed banging a banana, treating her slit to a stiff and sweet banana treat!

She's feeling frisky in the bedroom, and looking delectable herself in her matching lingerie set. As she sets the tone for her solo scene, we are soon treated to watching her play with her erect nipples which are affixed to her big tits, it's going to be a good scene indeed!

Needing more than just some innocent eroticism, this college girl is wanting some penetration, and it just so happens this British bombshell has got a banana within arms reach on the bed!

You're certain to get off scoping the big ass'd babe going to town on her fruity proxy prick. A beautiful girl stuffing her pink with an edible treat for pussy insertion is not something we get to see often!

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